Location of the Faculty

Faculty of Educational Sciences is located in Cebeci Campus of Ankara University in which Faculty of Law, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Political Sciences, Vocational School of Justice, Institute of Educational Sciences and European Communities Research and Application Centre are also located.

In the Campus Milli Piyango Girls´ Dormitory, two open sports field, one covered sports hall, Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Arts House, and some student cafeterias are located, too. Cebeci is one of the central regions of Ankara and around the campus there are a lot of shopping centres at which different necessities are satisfied.


From Cebeci region, in which the Faculty is located to the important centres of Ankara such as Kızılay and Ulus can be reached on foot approximately in half an hour. If desired, these centres are reached by such vehicles as Ankaray (metro), public buses, dolmuş and taxis. And by transferring from Ankaray to Metro at Kızılay it is easily reached to Batıkent region. Besides, by taking suburban train operating at Mamak-Sincan line, which divides Ankara from east to west, the settlements around these regions can be reached.