Units and Center

1. Special Education Research and Application Centre 

Recently established Special Education and Application Centre has been conducting its studies since 1980 under the name of Special Education Unit and has been unified to Ankara University Faculty of Education Special Education Department. At the centre, the children, who are diagnosed as hearing handicapped, mentally handicapped, physically handicapped, having difficulty in learning, autistic, and having speech disorders, are educated individually or in groups and families of such children are supported.

2. Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit 

The unit, which works under the supervision of Division of Psychological Services in Education, conducts courses and applications within the curricula of Psychological Bases of Education, Psychological Counselling and Guidance and Division of Measurement and Evaluation. Also, this unit provides individual or group counselling services for students of all faculties.

3. Educational Research and Application Centre 

The centre, which was established as an immediate constitution of the faculty in 1976, has been carrying on research and improvement projects for the public and private sector, arranging in-service training seminars and offers counselling services.

4. Child Culture Research and Application Centre

This is a centre that is connected to Presidency of the University and its aim is to investigate and comprehend all aspects of the lives of children and changes in life stages of childhood; to constitute a childhood philosophy and produce social policies relevant to childhood, and forms of approaches to matters of childhood in an interdisciplinary way.