History of the Faculty of Educational Sciences

The faculty, established as the first Faculty of Education of the country, started its education on 1st November in 1965. Programs at “Graduate and Doctorate levels” have been carried out since 1969. The name of the faculty changed as Faculty of Educational Sciences in July 20, 1982 (1983).

The sole aim of the institution, later named as Faculty of Educational Sciences, was absolutely different from the aims of the faculties whose aim was teacher training with respect to their objectives and purposes of organisational structures. Faculty of Educational Sciences was the unique higher education institution named with this title, whose aim is to train its students as educational specialists with the departments of Curriculum and Instruction, Psychological Services in Education, Educational Administration and Planning, Special Education and Adult Education till 1997.

In 1997, in addition to the existing departments, during “reconstruction” movements, Pre-School Education, Primary School Education, Social Sciences Education undergraduate programs in the Department of Elementary School Education; Mentally Handicapped Education undergraduate programme in the department of Special Education, and Computer Education and Instructional Technology undergraduate programme in the Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology new teacher training programmes were added to faculty’s curricula. Departments existing before the reconstruction of the faculty, were assembled as sub-divisions in the Department of Educational Sciences. These divisions are, Curriculum and Instruction, Psychological Services in Education, Educational Administration, Supervision, Economics and Planning, and Measurement and Evaluation.